Portrait Commissions Padbury

portrait commisions padbury

Portrait commissions in Padbury are in high demand and for good reason too, as they offer a unique way to cherish a memory and pass it down through generations. In today’s world we surround ourselves with digital content, whether on our phones or computer screens, but a commissioned portrait can capture something truly special that a photograph can’t.

A Terry Ward portrait commission is a one of a kind piece of art which encapsulates the texture, emotion and mood of a scene to be marvelled at for decades, even centuries to come. If you would like to learn more about my portrait commissions in Padbury, Buckinghamshire, please get in touch today on 07534348983.

Bespoke Portrait Commissions

In order to meet (and exceed) your expectations, it is important for me as the artist to find out exactly what you are looking for from your portrait commission in Padbury. Things you may wish to consider include the format, the size (e.g head & shoulders, knee level, or fully body length portraits?), the style, the choice of clothing, the desired colour schemes, the background, and the mood of the scene. After establishing these basic elements with you, we can decide together on where the portrait commission will take place. I’m willing to travel to anywhere in Padbury, or I’d be more than happy to welcome you into my studio. 

I like working from life, but I can also offer portrait commissions from photographs if we are unable to arrange a sitting. Whilst photographs provided by clients may be considered, I would prefer to take the photos myself to ensure that the lighting meets my requirements for developing a good picture. Again, this can be carried out somewhere suitable in Padbury, or in my studio.

I have many years of experience commissioning portraits in Padbury and other nearby areas. Feel free to contact me and discuss your commission requirements and the commission process.

portrait commisions padbury

portrait commisions padbury

Give The Gift Of A Portrait

Portrait commissions in Padbury as gifts are an absolute treasure that will last for generations. Whether it is a solo or family portrait, the enduring quality and unique disposition will transcend any other gift because of it’s highly personal nature. Intricate details such as the dimples on your toddler’s cheeks or the warmth of your child’s beaming smile can be forgotten as they grow older, but not with a Terry Ward commissioned portrait in Padbury. Portrait art commissions are one of the most effective ways of capturing the personality and intricacies of an individual. They communicate the close details which make a person so special. 

My portrait commissions in Padbury aren’t limited to just families, as similarly, capturing emotional relationships through art is a passion of mine. This extends into couples and friendships, regardless of the reasoning behind the portrait commission. To capture a moment, feeling and range of emotions in time, get in touch today to discuss portrait commissions in Padbury with Terry Ward. Call on 07534348983 or fill out the contact form below.

Portrait Commissions In Padbury - Enquire Today

If you wish to enquire about the process, timing, or price of portrait commissions in Padbury, please fill out the enquiry form and send it to me. I would be very happy to discuss any questions that you may have and explain to you about the process and pricing. Alternatively, you could also choose to call me or email terryward1@virginmedia.com.