Still Life Commission

Still Life Commission


Every still life painting has a story. Creating a composition of still life , setting up the atmosphere and the theme to give vitality to the canvas never ceases to attract me. Skillfully created still life oil paintings are timeless fine art treasures.

I accept still life commission to paint objects that are important to you. Please contact me and provide descriptions of your desired objects to paint. Whether they are heirlooms that are irreplaceable, or just old objects which recall memories, I would be happy to create a still life painting that connects with you. See Gallery for more examples of my work.

For any questions and price quotations on still life commissions, please send in your request by filling in the simple questionnaire below.

Walnuts and Fruits

Study of three nectarines

Venus bust


Complement your collection with a commissioned still life painting
Create an art that represents your personality and style
Let your image be transformed into fine art treasures