Portrait Commissions

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Portrait Commissions, Commission An Portrait Artist United Kingdom

Portrait Commissions, Commission An Portrait Artist United Kingdom

Portrait Commissions

The thought of commissioning a portrait is a pleasant beginning. A good portrait will make you cherish the memory which lasts for years, and pass down generations. For the outcome to meet all of your expectations, a joint effort between the client and the artist will be more successful. I accept commissions on oil painting and drawing.

Initial Discussion

The initial discussion will cover issues on the style of the portrait, whether it is formal or informal, family or institution, and the number of people in the portrait. Then there would be discussions about the preferred mood, the background, the attire, the preferred colour, and the composition. The size of the desired portrait is very important.

Choosing the Portrait size

Broadly speaking, the sizes are Head and shoulders, Half-body, Three quarters body, and Full length.

Lead time for Portrait Commission

From agreement to delivery, the commission process generally takes at least 3 to 4 months. But it would vary depending on the complexity of the project. You would find out the expected delivery lead time after the initial discussion.


The location of the sittings would either be specified by the client or be at my studio in Buckinghamshire. I am willing to travel. I would like to have at least more than three sittings if possible but working from photographs is acceptable if the images are good enough qualities for painting. Whilst photographs provided by clients may be considered, I would prefer to take the photo shootings myself to ensure that the lighting meets the requirements for developing a good portrait. The best pose and composition would be mutually agreed.

Cost to Commission a portrait

The cost of the portrait would be influenced by the size, the complications, and the number of heads to be painted. To find out more about the price estimate, please contact me by filling the questionnaire below.

Classically trained Artist
Contemporary realism fine art
Traditional skills

Portrait Commissions, Commission A Painting

Portrait Examples

Oil portrait on linen

Pencil portrait on paper

Charcoal and chalk portrait on toned paper

If you wish to make enquiries about the process, timing, and price about portrait commissions, please fill out the enquiry form and send it to me. I would be very happy to discuss with you on any of the questions that you may have and explain to you about the process and the pricing. Alternatively, you could also choose to call me on 07534348983 or email me on terryward1@virginmedia.com.

Portrait Commissions Information Enquiry Form

Commission a portrait
Create an art that represents your personality and style
Let your image be transformed into fine art treasures

FAQs for Portrait Commissions

What is the meaning of “to Commission a Portrait”?

To commission a portrait is the process by which a client invites an artist to create a representation of a particular person(s) in form of a painting or drawing. The face and its expression is predominant in portraits.


How much does it cost to commission a portrait?

The size, the medium, the number of figures, and the details to be depicted will all contribute to the cost. So there is not a straightforward answer to this, however, if you enquire with these details I will be able to provide you with an estimate.


How much time does it take to paint a realistic portrait painting?

There is no simple answer to this question. The details involved, how complicated the background and items of clothing are, the number of figures, the size, can all affect the time for an artist to complete the picture. It is not surprising that a good realistic portrait would take at least 3 months of work. On the other hand, an impressionistic sketch would take only weeks or even less, depending on the simplicity.


Can I commission a portrait from a photograph?

Yes, but not all artists do.


What is a good portrait painting?

A good portrait painting is not a photograph. It is not just a visual representation of a person. It captivates viewers and provokes feelings about the person depicted. It should capture not only the likeness but also the personality of the sitter.


Why commission a portrait or why does one need a portrait painted?

Portraits are often commissioned as birthday or anniversary presents. Family portraits, children’s portraits, wedding portraits are commissioned to capture the cherished moments. Formal portraits of corporate figures are commissioned to create impressive effects in institutions.


Do people still commission paintings?

Commissioned paintings are the artists’ representations integrated with the clients’ desired effects. Each artist paints in a unique way and paintings are not replaceable by photographs. Nowadays, commissioned portraits have become a special and trendy way of creating selfies.


Do artists help with framing a commissioned portrait?

Framing is usually not part of the commission but most portrait artists will advise what sort of frame suits their work. Sometimes they would help to arrange the frame as well.